Women with Lilith in fire signs may attract people (especially feminine figures / women) who try to tone their spontaneous side. Moon in Pisces individuals are so incredibly generous, all the ones Ive met give a lot to their loved ones, theyre very accepting!!! Chiron in 3rd individuals tend to be incredibly misunderstood in communication, people may take their wording weirdly and miss underestimate a lot. What if Nessus is retrograde? Same for Sagittarius and Aquarius they have a natural drawn. People tend to often wonder their ways of doing things and this could cause them to get envy or rude remarks. They however, arent always as tough as they may make it seem. I always believed that having a Water rising will always tone down and make the natal chart more softer. 5. 9.6% : scorpio 9.4% : virgo 9.3% : gemini9.1% : pisces 8.8% : libra 8.5% : cancer8.3% : taurus 8.2% : capricorn 8.1% : aries7.3% : sagittarius7.1% : leo6.3% : aquarius, source: http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/934832-Most-Common-to-Least-Common-Zodiac-Signs, so the least common sign in the USA is aquarius by far tbh, i guess it all has to do with the most/least common time people have unprotected sex , i also read somewhere in an astrology book the LEAST COMMOM ASCENDANT (time of birth) was pisces and aries , so the LEAST COMMON placements would be aquarius sun, aries/pisces rising (at least: in the USA), http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/934832-Most-Common-to-Least-Common-Zodiac-Signs. This is when you have three or. Jupiter shows the Husband. As long as there's contact, there's potential. I am so sorry, Kate. Besides someone being a cheater is much more complex than just placements it goes with them as a person and bad manifestation of aspects. they heard you what makes you think theyll change their answer? I have Jupiter in 12th house. Copyright 2020 If you dont have any of these aspects but want to explore the best ways to improve your intuition, look to your natal moon in your birth chart. Do all people with this aspect do such? (Aquarius dominants / Uranus in 1st / (Perhaps dominants) individuals tend to have had something about them that was usually noticeable and touched on from people. I think in my case it is at least in part Saturn in the 7th house square my Mars and Sun in Gemini. (Mostly Gemini & Aquarius). (Check rest of chart). (Theory, Uranus rules internet). you could suffer from something (again, general). especially if its specific like take it to HEART, mercuries in libras are so forgetful every single ive ive met. Check up on them & be consistent as fuck & keep promises thats how youll get to their heart. The conjunction will produce the strongest resultspsychic abilities are indicated, followed by the trine and then the sextile. Air placements (Especially Venus) are very open to ideas in relationships which why as I stated before in another Astro Observation that they are prone to being in open relationships (Gemini & Aquarius the most or 3rd & 11th houses) or at least not dismiss the idea of it completely, but if you are not fun or dont entertain them the least everything else good about you will not matter to them. Air moons in 4th tend to have lived / live in an environment when emotions are rationalized a lot. Gemini mercuries tend to talk really fast to let all their thoughts out and people could ask them to slow down at times. I did once know, but its been a while and i forgot the textbook definitions, and my MC/IC axis is both 0 degrees Sag/Gem with Lilith 0 degrees as well so it conjuncts my MC exactly, Posts: 605From: second star to the right, and straight on till morningRegistered: Dec 2013, He did marry me! Ive noticed they may have hard time expressing what they truly mean. Welcome Xari ! As with a lot of the squares to Uranus, it. Leo placements have this influence that makes other feel small this is even more exaggerated if there is pluto & scorpio influence. However, it is an aspect that makes one more predisposed . Example; Midheaven in Sagittarius; Nice butt/ Legs. Karmic experiences with goals and inspirations; needs a solid ground on them. Here's a list of the best and worst placements for each planet that would be the most strongest signs and weakest signs to have in each planet Of course there's some certain signs in the zodiac that are exalted in a certain planet, But, Are unsure of which planet it is, So, As of right now. So many people have tried to dim your light, because youre quite literally the sun. 10) Jupiter-Sun together in 1st house or 7th house can make one a Scientist, Astrologer or a high statue Politician. The people with the 4-5 degree orb are very different than those with the exact to 2 degree orb.To put it simply, you have to walk on eggshells around these people. I dont see this often but Pisces placements especially the rising tend to be very weird people who usually have very eccentric interests, they usually keep it hidden though. They may also have siblings who are considered very attractive. Venus - Ascendant aspects are trendsetters especially in a Fashion sense, theyre very good at putting stuff together and attract a lot of people who do what they do because it simply looks so well. North node in 12th individuals tend to be very spiritual and intuitive. Your purpose in life is to heal this and to transmute this somehow. May meet & be-friend older people online and that could cause karma. Now if you had said Neptune, not Uranus, I might be prone to agree. So many people with these placements stay in toxic situations and try tomake it right no, LEAVE. Do you miss opportunities with Jupiter Retro, Mimi? 29) Sun in 5th house can give popularity and success through children. Virgo risings / Virgo in 1st have the habit of being too critical of their appearance they are making & especially their physical appearance. 24) Moon-Mars together in any house or if they directly aspects each other from any house in horoscope indicates wealthy lifestyle with lot of property and native will be successful and rich from any business. cancer moon males arent as comforting as the females, they tend to give you a hug but it seems they dont know what to say most of the time. They opposite Libra, they would benefit from balance & routine, they are very sensitive when it comes to opinions of people and influences they value and can easily be influenced into things if they dont think too clearly. Taurus stelliums may comfort a lot of people just by being present. Mars in cancer individuals tend to be more on the physically weaker side. The Ten Most Rocking( Best) Astrological Placements. Example; Closed the door, but for some reason they convinced themselves they didnt. Someone with a Scorpio mercury is most likely more quiet but people are still drawn to them and people may even spread rumors about them in school because they attract assumers. Aries in your chart is where you are a leader. Who wouldn't want to fall for them to be honest!. My moon (cancer) squares my aac node (Libra) and my true node is in the third house (Scorpio) it is semi sextile tomy asc node and my dejainara squares my vVenus, whats that mean? Lilith in 7th individuals could have problems with the legal system not going their way. Your sun sign is literally the astrological sign through which the sun was passing when you were born. So stop with this. People with Sagittarius placements usually have a prominent nose shape, a lot tend to have button noses. Mercury in Aquarius individuals most likely like to let their thoughts out on the Internet and they tend to be outcasted in School. Mercury - Lilith especially hard aspects do you guys have weird intrusive thoughts and do you get them out of nowhere? A planet cazimi is elevated in power and status to a very high degree. Negative Moon placements such as what would you think, Denise? Cancer mars anger is also really overlooked when extremely like extremely provoked they can be extremely scary and can be prone to being physically aggressive, they can smack bitches Im telling you maybe while crying but they can! Youll never see a Capricorn placement sticking out their nose where it doesnt belong and I truly admire that. Youre sad and need validation? It is the only way Im ever going to feel good about myself. Women with Mars - Ascendant / Prominent Mars & Lilith are seen as very sexy & desirable by the opposite sex. They may be known for their internet / media presence as well. A lot of people with this placement break out of family norms and are seen as Rebellious. Hi Lon A lot of Air dominants have a lot of regrets from what Ive noticed a lot wish they could go back in time (Observation) . My chart ruler is found in the 8th house. People with natal mercury retrograde may experience devices glitching on them more & technology problems. Especially Leo Venuses are very admired by people! A lot of people who didnt know they had Scorpio Venus when they found out they did it was probably a big oh thats why moment. Mercury in 1st individuals tells me that you hate and are aware that people can underestimate your intellectual abilities. It was 2 years ago. :**:, People with Taurus placements especially the Moon may very much love when their food is very well put together (pleasing to look at). and our Low water would be generational planets in water. People may try to rumor about them or make rash assumptions quite quick. I have Moon, Saturn and Venus in the 12th Taurus, Your email address will not be published. This series is to teach you to love every part of yourself and that no placement or chart is bad. Someone told me that when lilth touches one of your angles or personal planets its a big deal, Posts: 1059From: I live at 667Registered: Sep 2014, Awe, I have lots of 11 in my numerology chart and my libra Pluto exact sextile saggy Neptune@11 and cap Valentine/Eros conjunct@11. I have had a lot of problems with depression and with acne. With 12 possibilities for each planetary placement in your natal chart, not to mention their unique aspects, no two natal charts are exactly alike. But its true, sometimes I feel really lucky. Sagittarius placements couldve been trouble makers or less serious when young. Gemini I.C (Pisces Rising) could have more of a talkative & chatty household that could be more emotionally detached. Virgo placements if underdeveloped can have big egos as Leo placements are stereotyped to have.. they hate being more wrong more than Leo placements. Gemini placements can talk so much even to themselves if they can develop the confidence they can benefit from a youtube channel or a vlog. You often feel like an old soul because of your wisdom, start believing in your knowledge and your power and dont ever underestimate yourself because you have the tendency to. Pluto in 10th individuals are a threat to a lot of people in terms of career. Like yall.. Having a gemini moon tells me that when you finally leave your room you tell your parents/ siblings random knowledge no one asked you about and then you leave again. And when someone has an outer planet conjunct the Sun or Moon, I know that person is unique. always amaze me. You didnt mention Moon Conj. You may have your primal passions help take you important places and fortunate places for you, Mimi. 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Moon likes being in Cancer hence it is very dominant. Earth risings just seem designed so carefully. In modern astrology, your Sun sign is one of the most important placements, but from a traditional astrology perspective, it depends on the time of day you were born whether the Sun is actually the most important. Both the Sun and Moon are luminaries and it really depends on the sect (day or night) of your chart which one is more important. People with Uranus in 11th may have dreams come true out of nowhere. Air Venuses ( Venus in 3rd, 7th, 11th) you are very intellectual and you have an ability to be easily adaptable and are open to a bunch of things, you like experimenting and having fun. The year is divided into 12 approximately equal sections, one for the sun in each sign. Only true spiritual measures will work, in my opinion. Earth placements are the type to stay with things for a long time, they are not the type to get the brand new models right away. It would be wise to incorporate some practical magic and grounding chakra meditations to activate and connect with this energy in your chart. I have this aspect and I know its energy very well. Also this is why a lot of you guys tend to cringe at this easily. So, Before someone says I have no fill in the blank this element in my chart, I always tell them to look at the houses. sun square mars.. we get it your father messed up your self esteem.. pisces moonsdo yall like ever get tell anyone your life story..? The Ten Worst Astrological Placements This is my opinion based on doing charts and picking people's brains which is one of my hobbies. Gemini placements love feeding off information especially the Moons, it can be a coping mechanism for them, they could re-read the same thing all over again and still be fascinated. They opposite Libra, they would benefit from balance & routine, they are very sensitive when it comes to opinions of people and influences they value and can easily be influenced into things if they dont think too clearly. They tend to have a feature that stands out. It is yourself, your body, your character, your personality, your appearance. Cancer rising women may like bangs / have bangs, Ive noticed this for a bit. Me gusta, mucho, mucho. (Check other placements), Women with Scorpio moons tend to be seen as intimidating and could also make them have very piercing eyes. Pisces Ascendant is the only significant water in my chart (I am mostly fire and air). I'm over most everything. but they also want things really simple? Because they do 100%! This is the easiest sign to calculate and the one most people readily know. 12th house placements constantly feel out this world and that they dont belong, theyre very unique and precious individuals and have a lot of unique talents they discover on in life. Very blunt. Capricorn moons could have a had a connection / relationship that changed them emotionally and perhaps they are more guarded now because of so. That is, the planet is within 00.15 of the Sun's position. Cast your natal chart here, and make a note of. Not to mention a T square and Saturn square MC aspect. These people are incredibly understanding of things maybe even to a fault. Trust me these placements have main character syndrome. You also have incredible work-ethic but you dont really stop and you tend to exhaust yourself and this could ruin things like sleep schedules because of your rest-less motivation. They are not in order of difficulty. 43) Sun in 1st house with Mercury or Jupiter gives success and marriage after 25 years of age. Sun in 6th individuals love the idea of having a bunch of healthy boundaries up because they tend to prioritize what is worth their time: Women with Water moons may feel more intuitive when on their menstrual cycle since moon does talk about the cycle, having water moon would make you feel more spiritually inclined during then. Leo moons have really big hearts ( Leo rules the heart) These people have really big hearts and are very compassionate. (Especially Libra risings). & Ive noticed Pluto in 10th likes havingpowerful friends that can boost them. Earth placements over the 4th house, couldve grown up in a more nature like environment. 11) Sun-Venus-Jupiter together in any house can make native a very popular Actor or Producer. An exact conjunction would be very intense. Later in life Saturn will reward for the hard work. Air placements may like to read things that are separated rather than reading long paragraphs. I cant really follow the question, my Friend. Not sure what that means though. iiiJade on Twitter mentioned how people with Libra & Scorpio in their chart can get away with problems regarding with law and this is so true Ive been thinking about this before they observed it and as someone with both of these placements I can confirm. Y o u c a n a l s o r e a d t h e s i g n o f y o u r A s c e n d a n t & M i d h e a v e n s i n ce t h e s e p o i n ts c a n a f f e c t yo u r a p p e a r a n ce t o o.. A r i e s & M a r s. Your hair, face shape and daring eyes are what makes you look so fierce so make these features stand out with cute headbands, eyeshadow or just a sleek ponytail. A lot like like poems and poetry. They will teach themselves a whole subject if they have to (If they find it interesting enough, they have so many interests). Ex; Aries in 4th fighting for their emotions. At worse it could manifest for example as home not looking safe, for example holes in the walls. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com 2000 Has misplaced loyalty, generosity and selfishness are unbalanced, and doesn't always follow their heart. People with Saturn in 3rd may have a limited amount of siblings. Or at least itll tell you how you want to be seen. They love spreading humor around and could be known for being really funny and light-hearted. like yall are just wayyy too smart its hard to win them agaisnt an argument like you physically and mentally cant, every gemini rising ive met had chubby cheeks? Here is a list of some astrological placements for musical and signing ability in the natal chart. zilsemaj 4 yr. ago. The short answer is that a stellium is a grouping of three or more planets under one particular zodiac sign within your natal chart. Virgo placements may love candles / plants or really nice nature / grounded things around them. Not really following your comment, my Friend. This series is to teach you to love every part of yourself and that no "placement" or "chart" is bad. Well, I cant change my POV if the words will sound harsh. The child probably has been set to a lot of great things since young. Pisces placements may start to believe they are those rumors themselves. I also have moon square pluto and moon square mars. Check Me Out, DUDE. Start prioritizing your needs and remember that your feelings are valid and start trusting those gut-feelings instead of rationalizing them. This enhances psychic abilities and feelings, and means we factor in our sixth sense with our decision-making process. Let others know when they absolutely crossed the line. The north node reveals where we are headed during this lifetime and the south node reveals where we have been. If the degree on your rising sign is the opposite sign from your rising sign you may show two sides of you to the world. virgo suns youre perfectly fine in your house, why do you think there is someone under your bed trying to kill you? People with Saturn in Virgo are very picky and are prone to not liking what they do often, they feel as if they have to be better. Theyre also very good at tracking when its good to buy certain things. Read on to to discover how the unique Saturn conjunct Pluto energies will impact all of us in 2020! The upcoming rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020 is bringing some serious changes! People with Aries in 2nd are respectfully, very bad with their money. Many women and men with this aspect are considered universally beautiful. Probably also related to the above aspect, as well as Pisces Ascendant. Let me know and we will go from there! Pluto in 10th may attract people who think they dont deserve their success. This is because the Sun likes being in Leo and Sun represents the ego. Very interesting Dreaminess--never thought of looking at numerology for this..now I'm wondering if I know any 11s! Pluto in 1st individuals are more prone to being witches from what Ive seen. Uranus dominants / placements may like cosplaying. Wow How close is your Nessus to yout NN. Check up on them & be consistent as fuck & keep promises thats how youll get to their heart. mary king wbtv,
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